CCTV Drainage Surveys

It is a common scenario that a potential issue has been identified with your drainage or waste treatment system but the causes of the issue are not straightforward to identify as the system and pipework is underground. It may even be the case that the type of system on site is not actually known, usually due to change in ownership, lost paperwork or even just the length of time that the system has been in place.

Regardless, a CCTV drainage survey and associated report is a useful starting point for determining the condition of pipework and equipment. This can also be accompanied by emptying and cleaning of your system to allow a more comprehensive condition report, either from the surface or in the case of larger systems involving tank entry and a 2-person team.

The MPC install team will work with you to determine what survey process is most likely to find the "root" causes of your drainage issue and make sure that we get to the bottom of what you need to solve your particular challenges.