Control Panels and Monitoring

More and more, the control systems associated with a packaged sewage treatment plant are designed to keep the ongoing operation of the equipment as smooth and cost-effective as possible, particularly ensuring that maintenance schedules can be as efficient as possible, with predictive telemetry and smart control functions in place.

Telemetry, otherwise known as remote asset monitoring, traditionally is complicated and costly. We have created a system which brings vast benefits of improved efficiencies and predictive processes to a wide audience and can be fitted to most AC electrical devices including our sewage treatment packages, our pump stations and the rainwater harvest systems.

We aim to make your telemetry system straightforward as possible.

The MPC Install team aims to make this as simple a process for the site operator as possible, not only optimising the run cycles of the system to save on energy usage but also future proofing your system to allow smart, cost effective maintenance schedules to be put in place based on your current and future requirements.

For typical domestic sites there are cost effective out of the box solutions that we can provide, on larger more complex sites it is likely that there more sophisitcated telemetry and control requirements which we will work through with you to make sure that you get what you are looking for.