Drainage System and Mains Connection Projects

A good understanding of surface water management, the issues that can be faced and the options that are possible underpins all MPC off mains drains project work.

Starting any drainage related project typically begins with an assessment of the existing infrastructure, dye testing, CCTV surveys and making the most of any existing drainage plans and maps allows the team to deliver a drainage plan and set of alternatives based on what you are looking to achieve with your project or the challenges that you are facing.

Typical drainage projects range from ensuring that surface and foul water are correctly managed, preventing your packaged treatment plant from being unnecessarily overwhelemed during storms, through to connecting to mains drains and all the associated paperwork and processes, particularl relevant when it comes to dealing with the Highways agency and your local municpal water company.

The equipment involved with a typical drainage system project are more straightforward than for example a packaged sewage treatment plant installation, however as experienced specialists, our understanding of this type of groundworks, pipework and the associated project administration mean that you can choose to have the peace of mind assocated with the MPC approach and the results this brings for you.