Sewage Treatment Plant Projects

Sewage treatment plants are used where access to mains drainage is not available. A sewage treatment plant receives all the waste water from the property and provides an environment for aerobic micro-organisms to feed upon and degrade the pollutants within the waste. This process produces a treated effluent which is clear and odourless. In most cases the level of treatment will allow the treated effluent to be discharged into a ditch, stream or river. Where a watercourse is not available then a drainage field is constructed. How your final effluent can be discharged, though are strongly dictated by the local environment and ground condition tests.

Our MPC Install team will work with you to determine and implement the right solution for you which meets the regulatory requirements

A sewage treatment plant installation whether it is replacing an existing system or installing new one requires careful planning. Our MPC Install Team are here to support your sewage treatment project in line with all the latest regulations.

A typical package treatment plant installation project starts with understanding your requirements, taking into account your site, the local and national regulations so that you can consider the full range of alternatives that may be available to you. Our MPC Install Team is experienced in dealing with the various relevant agencies and authorities around the country to ensure that you end up with a fully compliant effluent treatment system that has been signed off to the right standards for effluent discharge, Buildings Control regulations and all the various planning matters that can arise.

We aim to provide helpful, independent guidance and follow this through with implementation of the parts of the sewage treatment installation project that you would expect from a specialist to deliver for you. As independent installers we can provide you with a quote for a variety of sewage treatment plants that have different advantages to suit your budget. All of the sewage treatment plants we install met regulatory standards.
From the beginning you will have an understanding of the impact of the installation project will have and how it will unfold from access into your garden, the types of machinery we will need to use, how and where we will dig and the disruption there inevitably will be to gardens, lawns, paving, roadways etc. We will always work in a way to help minimise disruption and discuss with you how much ‘making good’ you want done once the sewage treatment plant is in the ground.

We also understand that you may have skilled labourers, groundworkers and plant on site for other purposes already and so we can specify what your team will need to do, as well as supervise if necessary should you wish to do the install yourselves.

We like to be able to stand by our project work over the long term, and as part of this we will make sure you are fully covered by the various warranties that both we and the treatment plant manufacturers provide. Servicing and de-sludging offerings are an important part of the smooth ongoing running of your system and so we will make sure that you have the right commissioning documentation as well as recommended servicing and tank emptying schedules.

From determining what you are looking to achieve through to delivering you the right system installed in a compliant fashion in line with all the latest regulations, the MPC Install team are here to support your sewage treatment project.

In summary, we aim to provide you with informed options and alternatives which we will then look to deliver for you to meet your expectations, giving you the right treatment package for your long term needs