Pumping Station Projects

A pump station is used to overcome gravity and distance issues. The pump station is typically a tank below the ground which receives waste water which is then pumped to another location. This location could be to mains sewer or to/from a sewage treatment plant to a discharge point.  A control panel will be positioned above the ground and maintenance access to the pump station will be via a secured removable lid/cover.  The size and design of your pump station will be driven by usage and site conditions.   

A well specified, well installed and properly serviced pumping station will give you many years of good service. At MPC we work closely with pump manufacturers to build the right pump stations to meet your specific needs, following this through with the right installation, testing and commissioning to make sure that your system is performing to specification.

Our MPC Install Team is experienced in dealing with the various relevant agencies and authorities around the country including Building Control, Highways and Water Companies to ensure that you end up with a fully compliant pumping station.

Additionally we have developed a range of systems and processes particularly relating to monitoring the ongoing performance that not only give you peace of mind but also minimise your ongoing running costs associated with electrical bills, maintenance and unplanned downtime.

Whether it be a stand alone pumping station or part of a wider system, the MPC Installs team will make sure that your overall requirements are understood and make sure that you have a full understanding of the wide range of alternatives that are available