Rainwater Harvesters

Rainwater systems come in two major types, the MPC Install team can work with you to determine what type, equipment specification and manufactuer is right for your site.

Rainwater harvesting systems allow for the recycling of rainwater for use around the property and/or grounds and can be used for:
• Toilet flushing
• Garden watering
• Domestic laundry
• Washing vehicles
• Irrigation systems

Rainwater is captured and filtered to get rid of debris, leaves and insects with a second filter fitted to remove smaller particles before being pumped to outlet points within the property for use in both the home and the garden.

Our MPC Install team will work with you to help identify the right water harvesting system for you, the type of system will depend on a number of factors including:

• If it is domestic or commercial
• What you plan to use the harvested water for
• The space you have above or below the ground to store the harvested water and the suitability of your grounds for excavation
• The amount of internal roof space you have
• Average rainfall for your area
• Your water consumption
• Your roof surface area

There are two types of rainwater harvesting systems, direct or indirect. Both require a storage tank which could be above or below the ground. The tanks and associated pipework we install all comply with the British Code of Practices for Rainwater Harvesting Systems BS-EN16941-1:2018

A Submersible Direct Pumped Rainwater Harvesting system is where the pump is located within the underground tank and the harvested water is pumped directly to the toilets and washing machine. Mains water supply which can feed water into the tank if required during periods of no or little rainfall to avoid the tank running dry.

With a Suction Direct Pumped Rainwater Harvesting system the pump is not in the tank but within a control unit within the property. If required any back up water from the mains supply gets fed straight from the unit to the toilets.

With an Indirect Gravity system the harvested water is collected and filtered then pumped up to your header tank which then supplies the outlets by gravity. Should it be required any mains water is fed directly into the header tank and not back into the mains harvesting tank.

An Indirect Pumped Rainwater Harvesting system is useful where there is not sufficient roof space for a header tank, instead the internal tank can be at any level in the building and uses a booster pump not gravity to supply the outlets. This system could be desirable in a large building as the pumps can be tailored to provide supply at high pressure.

As with our waste water treatment installations, the MPC team not only have a specialist understanding of the suitability of different types and brands of rainwater harvesting equipment but also are regularly in touch with manufacturers directly to ensure that any project specific requirements relating to the equipment and its installation are met. The team is familiar with dealing with Building Control, meeting building regulations and complying The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and associated compliance matters on your behalf as a key part of a project should you choose.