Rainwater Harvesting Projects

Rainwater harvesting systems allow for the recycling of rainwater for use around the property and/or grounds and depending on the type of system you select can be used for:
• Toilet flushing
• Watering the graden
• Domestic laundry
• Washing vehicles
• Irrigation systems

Both environmental and economic considerations mean that rainwater harvesting systems are proving more and more attractive, not only saving money but also reducing on CO2 emmissions associated with water treatment. It has been shown that more than half of water usage in a typical family home can be replaced by rainwater leading to significant savings that justify a rainwater harvesting system project in their own right, particularly when the re-sale value of a property is also taken into account.

Our MPC Install team will work with you to understand your priorities and determine the types, capacities and configuration of system that are best suited for what you are trying to achieve and that meet the practicalities of your local circumstances. We are used to working alongside third party designers, builders and other tradespeople or managing a project in its entirety based on the preference of our customers as it is often the case that local plumber for example is familiar with the property being worked on.

As with our waste water treatment installations, the MPC team not only have a specialist understanding of the suitability of different types and brands of rainwater harvesting equipment but also are regularly in touch with manufacturers directly to ensure that any project specific requirements relating the the equipment and its installation are met.The team is familiar with managing Buildings Control and associated compliance matters on your behalf as a key part of a project should you choose.