Resurfacing Lawns, Roadways and Paving

Depending on your site, this disruption to the surface may be on what used to be lawns, tarmaced roadways, concrete or gravel surfaces, any of which you would ideally like to see reinstated to the standard that there was beforehand.

Due to the nature of packaged sewage treatment systems and similarly with many other drainage or off-mains-drains systems, there will be features such as manholes, tank access points or compressor housings that will need to be visible. Putting those system specific elements to one side, it is worth thinking about how you would like the reinstatement to be handled over and above the standard process of leaving the earthworks level. It is worth being mindful of the fact that weather, particulalry heavy rain, can have a marked effect on the level of disruption to your site. The MPC Install team will do their best to minimise this however there are implications when it comes to the length of time a project may take if overall finish is a key consideration.

As the time critical part of an overall project is ensuring you have a fully functional sewage treatment system, you may wish to review re-landscaping once this is completed and take the opportunity to think through this at your leisure. The MPC Install team can assist with your process when it comes to any of the main re-surfacing requirements that arise, notably re-turfing, tarmac, concrete, gravel and paved surfaces.