Scope of Work

Once we have worked with you to understand what you are looking to achieve with your project, the next most important area is determining how this is going to be delivered and who will be responsible for the various elements involved.

Experienced with delivering all parts of a typical packaged treatment works or other off mains drains project, we very much appreciate that there might be aspects that you wish to progress yourself, whether that be the project management, liaising with the Environment Agency, or even being involved with the ground-works.

We aim to take a transparent approach to the various parts of a project so that you can see for yourself what is involved and we can discuss all the options with you. Typically, there are parts of a project, for example re-turfing any lawns that are disrupted during an installation, you are most likely to get a good local tradesmen to do on a timescale, standard and budget that we would struggle to deliver.

We have a policy of not starting work without a clearly defined schedule of the project, not only as this makes sure you will get what you are wanting, but also it is the basis of all of the health and safety processes that must be complied with over the course of the project.