Septic Tank Projects

While the installation of new septic tank systems is on the decline due to increases in the regulatory requirements of discharging waste, our MPC Install team regularly review septic tank projects.
• assessing the condition of existing equipment
• combining a septic tank with additional process equipment downstream in order to provide a compliant off mains drains sewage treatment system.

A septic tank receives waste water from the property, the solids fall to the bottom of the tank where the natural bacteria in the waste eventually breaks down the sludge. The effluent is discharged through perforated pipes into the ground formerly known as a soakaway.  As the effluent is not treated it cannot be discharged into a watercourse, to do this you would need to install a sewage treatment plant.

Septic tanks need to be emptied on a regular basis.  Soakaways can get blocked and smells emitting from pipes, the tank as well as the changes in regulations around discharging to a watercourse have all contributed to people replacing septic tanks with cleaner and the more efficient sewage treatment plants.

Condition reports on existing septic tank systems are typically the starting point when it comes to assessing your alternatives, as well as being an important part of the process when buying or selling a property that is not on the mains drainage system. Our teams, along with CCTV, tankering and jetting will isolate and clean out your tank to allow a full internal inspection to be done. The subsequent report can be used either to confirm a starting point for more comprehensive sewage treatment system project or simply as evidence of compliance.

With ever increasing regulations and the historical popularity of septic tank systems, there are a wide range of approaches to this type of project and the MPC Installs team work with a range of manufacturers of process equipment to make sure that we can offer you well thought through alternatives that meet the specific needs of your situation.