Servicing and Tankering

Servicing and regular de-sludging should be arranged in line with the manufacturer guidelines for your system to make sure that your sewage treatment plant or other off mains drains system is working in a compliant fashion as well as ultimately saving you costs associated with expensive repairs and urgent call-outs.

A well maintained and de-sludged system will also mean that the manufacturer's warranty is kept valid so you are covered in the unlikely event that any manufactuer defects arise with the system.The MPC Services team can offer you a nationwide servicing and tankering offering that is most appropriate for your circumstances, either directly with our team of experienced engineers and network of approved de-sludging and tankering companies around the country.

While we provide a responsive call-out service for urgent issues, it is preferable for all parties to schedule regular servicing to prevent your treatment plant failing in the first place, particularly in situations where there may be severe consequences for the discharge of non-compliant effluent or the bad odours associated with non-functioning sewage treatment equipment.